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Toronto Parks



Parks are our public greenspaces. Without them, the lives of every citizen would be poorer. Toronto’s nearly 8,000 ha. of public parkland  provide essential public space for play, sports, culture and quiet places to experience nature in the city.

Parks OverviewBut aren't parks covered by taxpayer dollars? Yes, within limits.

The Toronto Parks & Trees Foundation helps us expand beyond those limits by working with the community and environmental groups to enhance our parks. And we coordinate with the City to ensure that everyone works together.

Park enhancements can typically include:
• Planting additional trees, shrubs or flower beds
• Adding benches, walkways, lighting and signs
• Maintenance & educational programs
• Community involvement workshops.

By acting as the project manager on complex projects, the Toronto Parks & Trees Foundation helps ensure our parks receive the best attention, and optimum usability.


“…A vibrant city grows from the grassroots up and it doesn’t take megabucks to make it flourish. It takes public space and public involvement and ideas that sprout from the people who are going to use the space.”

- Michele Landsberg
Toronto Star, April 27, 2003