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Jenna K. Morrison Memorial Reflexology Footpath

Dufferin Grove Park

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Jenna Morrison was a Ward 18 resident tragically killed in an accident while on her bicycle in 2011. Please support this unique project, designed as both a memorial to her and as a public amenity to be enjoyed by all Torontonians.

The project includes construction of a Reflexology Footpath in Dufferin Grove Park. It will be the first such footpath in Canada.

Reflexology paths are popular in parks throughout Asia. Their popularity is spreading, with many reflexology paths now in the western U.S. and Europe. They are especially popular with seniors but are used by people of all ages.

When Jenna came back after a trip to South Korea in 2001, she was enthusiastic about her discovery of the reflexology footpath. The reflexology footpath consists of a bed made of concrete in which cobblestones of various shapes and sizes are embedded to various degrees. Some are upright while others are flat, protruding the surface of the concrete at slightly different heights.

As one walks the path barefoot or in socks, the sole, and therefore acupressure points of the foot, are massaged. The design of paths varies, but more often consists of a loop that allows the visitors to engage more than once over. Accompanying the path are benches for rest and removing shoes, as well as trees and shrubs for an “oasis.”

The therapeutic effects of the footpath and oasis were so immediate and obvious to Jenna that she felt inspired to have one in Toronto as her city of residence and place of health practice.

Due to her sudden and tragic death, the project never came to be realized. Now her husband, family and friends are fundraising for this project, endorsed by Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation and with the help of Ward 18 Councillor Ana Bailao. Help us build this memorial footpath that reflects her spirit of contributing to the health and wellness of Toronto and its diverse communities.

All contributions over $10 will receive a charitable tax receipt from the Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation.

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Example of a reflexology footpath in a South Korean park